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The Prizes:

In order:

Anderson Blend
Donovan Blend
Lestrade Blend
Molly Hooper Blend
Moriarty Blend
Mrs. Hudson Blend
Mycroft Blend
Reichenbach Recovery
Sherlock Blend
The Colonel
The Mind and The Heart
The Woman
Watson Blend
14 teas. 1 16oz Ingenuitea brewing pot. 1 massive prize.

Misty, who made my Jumper, is willing to custom make either the oatmeal cable sweater, OR the Christmas Jumper- custom to your measurements. No matter what those measurements are.

Winner to receive a certificate for redemption of one Custom jumper. Shipping and handling is included. (Will take about a month to make but it’s a really AWESOME jumper- I’ve been wearing and washing mine and I adore it- it’s so awesome!)

Misty then proceeded to prove herself a BAMF and is making a set of Sherlock and John dolls. No, really. They’re awesome as all get out! (Pics to come!)

Say this 5 times fast! A really awesome canvas painting done by nekomeggo.

The movie poster used at movie theaters to advertise the Fathom events US showing of Frankenstein. This poster is designed to be backlit and as such is printed on a thin and flexible sheet of heat resistant plastic. It can be hung in a window for backlight, however if you do this you will have a mirror image of the poster visible to all, as the poster has no backing.

Never opened, the complete collected works in a single beautiful volume. Perfect for keeping in your nightstand and reading on sleepless nights!

Each charm is 1.5-2 inches long and perfect for pendants, cellphone straps, most anything you want!

This and the following two charm sets are designed to be worn by two different people. They are cut apart pictures of our favorite boys being their very best selves- Lestrade giving Mycroft cake, Sherlock giving John Milk, and Sherlock Angel trying to kill an equally combative Moriarty Devil. ;)

Each bullet point is it’s own prize.

This is the final list!

Convention tickets are STILL AVAILABLE to come to the Con, June 17th in San Jose.

The Raffle is open to EVERYONE, however! We even have a contingency plan for if someone from Australia or New Zealand or anywhere else Tea can not be mailed, wins first prize.

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